Two Other Names on The Justice League Director Wish-List

Moviehole: Warner Bros has a smallish list of directors they’re talking to about “Justice League”, the long-proposed superhero team-up movie that they’ve been planning since… well, George Miller couldn’t get it going. Ben Affleck’s name is on that list, we know that. And we also know that Affleck’s not every keen on doing the picture – sadly, he would’ve donated much gravitas to it. But Ben’s too busy doing his own thing right now, putting together the kind of unique, original dramas that win filmmaker’s Oscars. That means one of the other names on the list will likely get the gig. Haven’t seen the list, nor do I know all the names on it, but I’ve heard whisperings of two other names on the wish-list.

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TheDailySuperHero3308d ago

Would definitely back this with The Wachowskis at the helm over Ben Affleck.

StarWarsFan3306d ago

Let's bring in the Wachowski brothers. They need to redeem themselves for Speed Racer. We're all thinking it! As for Ben Affleck: what exactly qualifies him for anything of the size that the Justice League movie will be?