50 Most Disappointing Movies Of All Time

Total Film recently conducted a Top fifty most disappointing movies list on their site.

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-MD-3309d ago

Sucker Punch still stings a bit, I had such high hopes for that film but it turned out to be extremely average.

CPO3308d ago

They maybe should have titled this the 50 Most Disappointing Movies of the Last 15 years (not of All Time) since all but 3 or 4 were less than 16 years old and the oldest is from 1989.

Otherwise a good list and good copy.

spektical3307d ago

I dont agree with many films on here. Media has lost touch with people. Godzilla a great action movie. Its not a drama movie. I loved public enemies, and I was left in shock for that johnny depp jolie movie.. i was like no way! good stuff. Pirates is always action action story pirate adventure fun. I enjoyed all of them. I enjoyed Iron Man 2 much more than the first, stark was more bullish, more i give a rats ass. Many of the other movies I can agree with.

KingPin3307d ago

how is hunger games not on this list.

for all the hype around it, that movie was pure ass!!!

lame story, lame dialog, lame acting. highly predictable.

iamnsuperman3307d ago

Lonely Bones was ok just got a bit odd in parts.

Sucker Punch had so much potential. Just a shame it sucked

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