First Look At The Amazing Spider-Man Limited Edition Blu-Ray Gift Set


Offering first looks at the Lizard and Spider-Man figurines, check out the box art for the limited edition The Amazing Spider-Man gift set, which also includes two Blu-ray discs, one Blu-ray 3D disc and a DVD copy of the film!

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Soldierone3318d ago

I love this movie and first read this and thought "buy now!"

The figures though look terrible....I rather save the 30 extra dollars, buy the Blu-ray stand alone then take the 30 dollars I saved and buy an actual statue or a bunch of figurines of my choice.....

The only way I get this is if I find it on sale, someone buys it for me, or I can't help my Spider-Man collecting sickness lol

DarkBlood3317d ago

im going to raise the stakes on "i cant help my spiderman collection sickness" come on you know you want it :P

search your feelings Soldierone you know it to be true lol