The Walking Dead: Kirkman Talks Differences Between Comic & TV Show


The Walking Dead complete 2nd season Blu-ray’s release is less than a week away and, while that awesome zombie head doesn’t get delivered to your front door, we have one of the extras featurettes for you to watch Right Now.

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aDDicteD3311d ago

I wonder why T-Dog was missed out in this clip. they should have mentioned him or tell us a bit something that will sell his character. or maybe there's no need mentioning him cause he'll die anyway sooner or never lol.

i liked both the comics and the tv series but if i have to pick one i'd go for the comics. but it's still to early to say though..

Soldierone3311d ago

Hate to say it, but my bet is when T-dog finally gets some more exposure, it will be because he is on the way out. :/

Soldierone3311d ago

Spoilers below

I love how he talks about the show, so passionate about it! I agree with the slight changes and killing certain people to get new dynamics in the group that are different than the comic. However (and I believe he knows this) there has to be a boundary to it. For example Daryl has a MASSIVE following now, if you killed him off, there would be a lot of people outright mad about it.

Andrea also can't die too early, she has a strong integration in the later story with Rick etc and Michonne, and they have been basically building it since season 1.

I am curious about Maggie and Glen though. I like Maggie in the show, and the whole relationship, but since he already killed the whole Sophia and Carl relationship, is he willing to kill this dynamic early too? Or keep the tension of trying to keep them alive in the prison?