Henry Cavill in Man of Steel Will Make An Awesome Superman: There's More Movies to Be Excited For

Superhero blockbuster movies taken from the pages of comics books are something to be expected every year now. With the money that ticket sales and merchandising bring in, is it any surprise that major film studios and comic book giants Marvel and DC want in on the payday? That's why they are planning and scheduling movie releases for years to come.

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TheDailySuperHero3310d ago

This remains to be seen and we are holding back our opinion on Man of Steel until a real full-length trailer is released.

Lord_Sloth3309d ago

I can't wait to see a Superman film as directed by Zack Snider! It's gonna be awesome!

KingPin3307d ago

i just checked out all the movies this guy directed, i didn't like any of them (0_0).

sucker punch was hopelessly disappointing.
300 was just lame. nothing even close to the 300 spartans movie of the 60s.
watchmen was like a lame attempt to make a superhero similar to batman begins.

the only saving grace that makes me feel theres hope for this movie is the fact that christopher nolan is somehow involved with it. i loved the batman trilogy. if this movie can be on par with batman begins it will be a good start to rebooting the franchise.

Lord_Sloth3307d ago

Sucker Punch I have not yet seen.

300 was an action movie and gave me everything I wanted.

Watchmen was based off of a comic written decades ago so calling it a lame attempt to make a superhero like Nolan's Batman is completely false. Especially since the movie followed the comics nearly to the letter.

You come off as a Nolan fanboy more than having any serious concerns.

KingPin3307d ago


300 was an action movie with mindless violence. thats not the type of movies i enjoy.

and my comment regarding watchmen being a batman wannabe has mostly to do with the deep-throating of all the characters.

im not a nolan fanboy, im a fanboy of good movies.

my serious concern is that i hope they don't mess this up like they did with superman returns (or did you enjoy that movie as well)

DarkBlood3308d ago

Well i already confirmed to my self that im going to enjoy Man of Steel so bring it on already

alycakes3304d ago

I also think that I'm going to like this version of Superman much more than the one they made before. I don't make judgement until I see for myself.