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FilmFracture Review: Premium Rush

Kathryn Schroeder of FilmFracture wrote:

"The story itself behind "Premium Rush" is ridiculous at best, and full of poorly executed plot lines that all lead to one place--but keeping only one plot line would have fared better for the entire film as a whole. The saving grace in "Premium Rush" is Michael Shannon's performance as Detective Monday. The humor he brings to the role, albeit unintentionally perhaps, makes him an enigmatic character embroiled in a tough and deadly exterior. Shannon is an imposing actor, and he can deliver a line with such great stoicalness and with a serious face that in a film such as "Premium Rush" it becomes hilarious. "Premium Rush" is only entertaining for the interplay between Shannon's Detective Monday and the rest of the cast, or even him, alone, doing what he does. The rest of the film may as well be discarded celluloid, in a feeble attempt to make an action hero out of a bicycle rider that never amounts to anything of worth."

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