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Chuck Norris Says He Won't Return For 'The Expendables 3'

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Even though "The Expendables 2" opened at the top of the box office this past weekend to smaller numbers than its predecessor, it seems everyone already has their eye on a third installment. Producer Avi Lerner has boasted he's already inked Nicolas Cage for "The Expendables 3," and says he will be approaching guys like Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford and Wesley Snipes. But there is one Expendable who says he won't be coming back to kick more aging ass: Chuck Norris.

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alycakes3318d ago

That's okay...he didn't have a very big part in this movie anyway. He was okay in it and I enjoyed the small part he was fun but I'm sure I won't miss him in the next one if they get the cast they want to get for the 3rd one.

DarkBlood3317d ago

thats too bad but like you said the smal parts of him are enjoyable, i feel like if i enjoyed something quite well i dont want them dieing off or not being available for the next part

heck wouldnt mind him being in another small role again if it makes sense for the story

grifter0243317d ago

To be honest it is for the best that he decided to not be in the third movie.

Seeing as how the main cast of characters did almost nothing IE: Lundgren,Crews,Couture. All they did was show up and say a few sprinkled lines here and there but they had no substance. Hell not even JCVD had that much screen time and he WAS THE BAD GUY!

The only people that got time on screen was Stallone and Statham...with Arnold and Willis bringing up the rest.

I felt cheated and like JCVD said "I want my moneys worth," Next time.

DarkBlood3316d ago

well i did like that gunner was in the movie more since hes my favourite expendable ironically speaking lol

-MD-3317d ago

Forget about Norris, they're trying to get freakin' Clint Eastwood!

Soldierone3317d ago

Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford in the next one, then I'd actually be interested in the movie. Otherwise I don't really care lol, Chuck Norris is just a good symbol for jokes.

sikbeta3317d ago

Thought it was about tough guys from the bodycount movies of the '80s, Eastwood has no labels, same with Ford, both made movies that vary from different genres, I'm not complaining, just don't see a great connection, liked the first one and I'm aware it was successful, but to know there is going to be a third one is surprising :)

Soldierone3317d ago

I thought it was just general action movie people. I guess this makes sense though.

thedisagreefairy3317d ago

dirty harry should def be considered as an icon of being a bad ass. harrison ford...not as much. i dont believe indiana jones is in the same category of the violent action movies. but they should consider kurt russell and make him wear an eye patch. he was the epitome of bad ass in escape from new york.

Baka-akaB3317d ago

Dont forget that harrison ford was also Tom clancy's Jack ryan in a few movies

DeadManMcCarthy3316d ago

I thought Clint Eastwood retired from movies?

Hanuman3317d ago

Too bad. Now we have to come up with a whole bunch of one-liners en memes about Arnold Swarzenegger...

Hanuman3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

I'm 34 years old and I have never seen Chuck Norris other than the look he is still wearing. Come on Chuck! Show me some cheeks and some cool hairstyle like a mohawk or shaven with a small ringbeard. No, I don't find this guy attractive or looking tough anymore at all and believe he should go from a harsh Ranger look into a smooth cut 2012 baddy beat 'em upper. On the other hand I saw what they did to Knightrider's Kit in the follow-up looked awefull.
Maybe B.A. was right all along; Don't touch the van!

Back on topic. I think Chuck has a busy life enough attending to his family and doing what he really is good at. http://somanyhobbies.typepa... Being the subject of funny jokes and being that good old RetroHero. (I once lost a bet about how many bad guys he would kill in that 1\10? movie where he saved those POW's)

Deadpool6163317d ago

Bruce Lee broke the clean shaven Chuck Norris's neck in the movie "The Way of the Dragon". Bruce Lee had a beard as well at one point and gave it to Chuck Norris. The beard made Chuck Norris power immeasurable.

Hanuman3316d ago

Well, I wouldn't really call it a beard, but you're probably right. Still I believe that Bruce Lee is no match for Chuck Norris. Bruce Lee was born to fight and Chuck was born to eat at MCDonalds and get christmas presents..

r213316d ago

They say under his beard is another fist. A fist belonging to Bruce Lee!

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The story is too old to be commented.