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11 Villains Who Could Be in The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Leading up to the release of this year's The Amazing Spider-Man, there was a lot of talk from director Marc Webb about future installments and who the leading villain would be in the next film. He was often quoted as saying there were several hints throughout the film as to who the bad guy could be in the sequel but never directly said which one.

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aDDicteD3314d ago

it would be nice if spidey get's 2 villains on the sequel.
of course majority would like green goblin to appear on the part 2 so that's one. sub villain could be chameleon, kraven or scorpion.

BlackIceJoe3314d ago

Now that Marvel & Disney got the rights back to Kingpin I would like him in the next film. I also would throw in the Scorpion too.

Deadpool6163314d ago

They're using the Daredevil film rights as a bargaining chip to offer Fox in return for Galactus/Silver Surfer film rights. So those 2 Marvel related comics are still in the middle of negotiations and we probably won't see a movie from them until the end of this decade.

Soldierone3313d ago

I did an article almost identical to this for TMP a while ago lol, The Lizard was high on the list.

I think Vulture will be in the next movie, but probably won't be the main villain. He will probably be with someone else, not entirely sure who. But I'm thinking they are creating the Sinister Six, which is interesting.

They also need to start moving towards Venom somehow since Sony wants to do that spin off. combine that with Gwen's story arch featuring Green Goblin, you have to wonder how long Sony is letting this one go in order to get all these stories done. It'd be a shame to get rather far, but not finish any of them.

I'd also absolutely LOVE it if they put Mysterio in there. They have been using him a lot again in the comics, so who knows!