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The Walking Dead Season 3 EW Image Blow-Out

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Hitting newsstands on Friday is Entertainment Weekly's "The Walking Dead" sneak peek issue. They weren't kidding either. There's a massive amount of eye candy on hand just waiting for you to chew on! Don't hesitate another moment! Feast!

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Crazay3314d ago

I can't get enough of those armless zombies. They look freaking amazing.

3314d ago
BelieveinGhosts3314d ago

My favourite tv series of all time is 24, prison break comes close. I thought True Blood would finally be the series to match the excitement and tension of 24 but it came up short. Now, The Walking Dead is on its way to being my best tv series of all time. It is simply amazing

-MD-3313d ago

I have a feeling this season will be on par or better than the first season, the first pretty much NAILED what I wanted out of a zombie show but the majority of season 2 dragged.

I hope it continues the momentum the season 2 finale finished with.