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First Teaser Poster for 'Red 2' Starring Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, and Mary-Louise Parker

Red 2 doesn’t even start filming until the spring, but a teaser poster for the film has gone online. The first Red felt like an “almost” movie. It could have been great, and it had the right cast, but direct Robert Schwentke‘s action felt a little lethargic and the script never quite hit all of its jokes. Screenwriters Jon and Erich Hoeber are back to rewrite the script, and now Dean Parisot is in the director’s chair, so hopefully the sequel will be an improvement. The film will also bring back Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, and Helen Mirren plus throw in some valuable new additions like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Byung-Hun Lee. There’s also the possibility that Anthony Hopkins and Neal McDonough might sign on, so there’s definitely a strong cast in the works for the sequel.

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alycakes3322d ago

Loved the first one and I'm sure I'll enjoy the second one just as much with that same cast of people plus a few more new faces in the mix. They were very funny and very entertaining.

MinimeJer053322d ago

Didn't care for RED. Hopefully this will be better.

aviator1893320d ago

What?? I thought the first one was fantastic.

MinimeJer053319d ago

It was just boring for me. Didn't laugh at all...

-MD-3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

I thought the first one was decent even though I can't really remember most of it. Guess it wasn't too memorable.

I'll check out the sequel though. More Mary-Louise Parker? Yes please.

alycakes3320d ago

She'll be in it. She was talking about it the other day on a talk show. I remember it being funny...they made a good combination.

kingPoS3320d ago

What did RED stand for hmmm i think it was retired elderly destruction or whatever. Anyway I liked the first one and I look forward to the sequel.