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Four Reasons Why There Are no Good Movies Based on Games


With Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed the latest in a long line of high-profile titles to get the Hollywood treatment, Mark Butler explains why big-screen versions of popular games always turn out to be complete and utter trash

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Soldierone3321d ago

This is a good article and a good read.

At my college for film classes, videogames get so much hate by all the professors. I would talk about it and try to make comparisons, and they would blow off video games entirely. they'd say the game has poor writing, or whatever and not respect it at all.

I don't mean any dis-respect here to anyone, but a majority of the film industry and communities is like that. Hollywood is god, and anyone that challenges that is wrong! Its annoying. Hollywood has been slumping and forgetting what made them so great, good movies. Now its business, business, business.

I don't think Hollywood will embrace videogames until the generation of gamers kicks in full gear.

1 A studio isn't going to break bank or put their best guys on a video game movie until ANOTHER studio does something good with it.

2 The "big wigs" in Hollywood don't understand video games, they don't dwell into the games, and explore every last aspect of them. They do this with comics because they grew up with comics the past 50 years. They grew with the stories and understand the stories, and thats why comic book movies are getting better. Remember they used to SUCK more than current video game movies. You can't just play the game, you need to understand the game and feel the characters.

I only disagree with 3. Yes games tell a story differently, but so do comics. comics tell a small portion of a story, one issue at a time, and revolve around one character. Yet Hollywood can take those stories, and create one big story. With video games you do the opposite, you pick the character, and you pick the circumstance you want. Of course you tell it in a new way. Like I said, it takes a fan of the franchise to understand what key areas to take and how to portray them. simply playing a game isn't going to let you do that.

I agree that Halo as a whole would be hard to make a believable story, but its not due to the helmet. The helmet should let people put their own face there and make their own connection, just like the game. It takes strong writing to show emotion like that. Its like the Rami Spider-Man....he had his friggin mask off the entire damn time, it annoyed me....yet in Amazing Spider-Man he had his mask on almost the entire time after he got the suit, and I got the same emotions as him having it off.