Johnny Depp to Earn £60 Million for Pirates of the Caribbean 5?


Depp is apparently set to earn the large sum when he signs on for the fifth film, putting him amongst some of Hollywood’s highest paid actors.

The last time Depp sported the famous dreadlocks and eye-liner belonging to Jack Sparrow was in Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, which was out in 2011 and also starred Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane.

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Crazay3313d ago

$75 Million USD?!? o.0

That's freaking insane. It's no wonder it costs hundreds of millions of $$$ to make movies now and why we pay $12+ per ticket. Absolutely nuts.

Bobertt3312d ago

its $8 for me maybe you live in a richer area.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3312d ago

It also depends on the theater you go to. Especially if u see a movie in imax.

Crazay3312d ago

Am in Canada where we get taxed to death on everything. Gone are the small independent theaters of the past - they're all Theaterplexs now with 10+ screen, IMax, 200.5 Surround sound blah blah blah. $12 is a standard ticket, IMax is usually $14, 3DImax would be about $16 and some theaters have special seating and those tickets are $20-25 per seat.

edgeofsins3312d ago

Where my brothers girlfriend lives they have $2 movies on weekdays because there are so many people in the area(in a city).

jessupj3312d ago

try $18 here is Sydney.

darklordzor3313d ago

Yeah, that's a lot of money for one actor. I understand that with the Pirates franchise, without him, you don't have much...but damn. That only means they'll try and shortcut on the rest of the budget for other areas.

If Disney is going to get their live action films back on track, they're going to have to start with their budget.

Crazay3313d ago

Absolutely right. If Depp walks away, there is no PotC series but there's not reason to pony up that kind of money. At this rate, movies that make any less than $1 Billion will be considered a failure because soon movies are going to be $300-500million to make as an average. And who's paying for that? We are. And if we're not, then they'll just keep cranking out movies in the same series and noone will want to take any chances on new concepts and ideas.

DarkBlood3312d ago

well your right about that it wouldnt be the same without him so looking forward to the next film

alycakes3312d ago

That's right...there wouldn't be a 5th one without him but if the budget had to be cut...he'd be first to agree to a cut just to make the film...he's the one that makes the movie work and he's the one that brings in the money but he's also a pretty good and reasonable man.

Soldierone3312d ago

If I remember correctly, didn't he want to step away though? thats when Disney stepped in and paid him more, which in return made the rest of the cast leave?

I'm not saying anyone is on bad terms, but this is what I remember reading. I think you are right though, he basically is just seeing how far he can push it and will gladly go back down for the sake of a good movie.

Soldierone3312d ago

Do you know how many of us indie film makers would absolutely LOVE to simply have a 60 million dollar BUDGET, let alone pay an actor that much? geez

But at the same time, Disney fills swimming pools with all the money pirate movies make. Toys, the movie, dvd's, clothes, people going to the ride, etc....

Still though....60 million dollars. I think Hollywood should look into salary caps. LMAO! That'll never fly, but it would help keep ticket prices affordable....

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The story is too old to be commented.