John Travolta Is 'The Toxic Avenger'

One for the Strange But (Apparently) True file here:

Industry tracking website It's On The Grid - which publishes inside information taken from major agency tracking grids - is reporting that John Travolta has been attached to the Steve Pink directed reboot of Llyod Kaufman's The Toxic Avenger. Ol' Toxie has proven a remarkably resilient figure, having crossed over both to Saturday morning cartoons and live theater and now they're trying to take him to the mainstream.

Will this actually pan out? I have no idea, honestly, as I really can't see someone backing it but it is certainly worth a chuckle.

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darklordzor3318d ago

I couldn't really imagine him in that role. Honestly, I can't imagine ANYONE in the role at this point. This is one remake I'm highly against. The reason the damn film has become as 'classic' as it is now, is because of it's campy fun. That's not easy to recreate and I'm worried a 'mainstream' version of the film will completely lose the point of the original.