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The Gaming Advisory Review: Grimm Season 2 'Bad Teeth'

In the aftermath of last season we find answers to the questions of why Nick's mom is still alive, will Juliette wake from her coma?

The episode begins on a shipping boat where some type of sabertooth tigerman rips apart a couple of man after they dock. And, I mean rips them apart pieces of people are everywhere. Then, it jumps back to where we left Nick(David Giuntoli) last season. After the fight with Kimura(guest star Brian Tee) Nick tries to come to grips with the return of his mother, Kelly Burkhardt(guest star Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). Meanwhile, Juliette(Bitsie Tulloch) still lies in a coma, with Rosalee(Bree Turner) and Monroe( Sila Weir Mitchell) working tirelessly to get her out safely.

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