The Office to End This Season, Show's Boss Promises 'All Questions Will Be Answered'


NBC is closing The Office after nine seasons. In a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, exec producer Greg Daniels announced that the long-running comedy will conclude in May. “All questions will be answered this year,” he said. “We’re going to see who is behind the documentary. [It's a] big Jim and Pam year… [fans] will pleased and excited by what we have planned for them this year.” Daniels said several familiar faces will return as the show approaches its series finale, although he declined to confirm any names. “There’s so much to pay off after nine seasons,” he conceded. “My biggest concern is just packing in all these great ideas the writing staff has and make sure we squeeze as many as we can into the ending.”

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Crazay3313d ago

Yeaaaaa....this is going to upset a great number of fans. I'm not one of them though. I've tried on a few occasions to watch it and can't get into it. Off to that big punch clock in the sky.