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Glasses-Free 3D A Possibility for Commercial Theaters...May Even Be Cheaper

From TMP:

Despite how many people feel on the issue, it doesn't look like 3D movies are going away any time soon. One of my key issues with the format (besides it not being used optimally) has to deal with the glasses you have to wear in order to watch. I wear normal glasses (shocking this day and age, I know) so every 3D movie forces me to put glasses over my glasses, resulting in an awkward and often uncomfortable experience. One research group thinks it can rectify that problem with glasses-free 3D display technology designed for commercial theaters.

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StarWarsFan3323d ago

I still haven't been won over by 3D. On a consumer front, it's expensive. And for things like 3D television sets and 3D Blu-ray, the format isn't supported on a wide enough scale by channels or home videos to justify it on a large scale. As for in theaters, the glasses have to go.

They should focus on developing Blu-ray more and integrating it more with online content and gaming. On a basic level, some Blu-ray releases have really gotten lazy, not even trying to make great packaging. It's always funny how DVD's and Blu-ray's have always had those clips inside to hold paper slip-ins, yet so many releases don't come with anything. Home video can be a great thing if it was made to be. I'd rather own a physical product than own it digitally. 3D Blu-ray is just a waste for the most part and an investment in the wrong direction to make home video sustainable.