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The Three Stooges Review | Clickonline

Clickonline writes: "If you like the idea of watching three mentally deficient thirty-five year old men wandering around while physically abusing eachother, getting involved in a murder, nearly asphyxiating a dolphin, beating the shit out of Larry David, giving air time to Jersey Shore and setting their own farts on fire then you still shouldn’t see The Three Stooges because it’s so cackhandedly presented as to neuter any real sense of fun."

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SactoGamer3323d ago

Well, I found this movie hilarious.

rataranian3318d ago

idk man .5 seems low. Id say maybe a 3/4 of a point is more accurate. =D ...I'm so happy this movie is done and over with. All that hype and it ends up a big fart to the face.