Shia LaBeouf Vows to Have Real Sex in Movie


It's exactly what it sounds like. Shia LaBeouf has confirmed that all his sex scenes in Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac will be absolutely real.

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TheDailySuperHero3320d ago

Does the female lead know about this detail? Ha.

OneAboveAll3320d ago

In his next movie staring Justin Beiber. They can penetrate each other.

aDDicteD3318d ago

i didnt expect shia to go this direction maybe he will try to be a more seriously compepetive actor but he wont expect any award for playing a maniac and having real sex on film...that would be porn like i think even arthouse movie sex scenes were somewhat rehersed..i think shia might be confused to vow for a real sex scene filmed.

2pacalypsenow3318d ago

so he will force the women who don't want to to have sex with him?