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Top Five Films of Tony Scott

Nicholas of Movies Hates You Too writes:

Director Tony Scott sadly took his own life on Sunday after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. His feature film directing career spanned over 25 years. He was never a critical darling but over the course of his career his films grossed well over a billion dollars. Tony mainly directed action films, he didn’t branch out into other genres like Ridley has but he was good at directing action films almost to a fault. He was well known for his frantic camera style and his love of color filters which over time seemed to become more important than the story he was trying to tell. Tony Scott’s career was far from perfect, the second half of his career had far more misses than it had hits. Regardless of the state of his career at the time of his death Tony Scott influenced my love of film at an early age and I will always treasure those films for the rest of my life. To celebrate his contribution to film Movies Hate You Too wants to take a look back at his top five films.

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StarWarsFan3316d ago

I think Enemy Of The State could be there instead of either The Last Boy Scout or True Romance.