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Nicki Minaj Close to Signing on for 'Idol'

Nicki Minaj sings about "Starships," but is she a star-maker? The singer-rapper could be joining the ranks of "American Idol" judges.

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calis3322d ago

She's disgrace to humanity.

KMCROC543322d ago

they must be desperate for no talent judges.

DarkBlood3321d ago

personally i think to be a judge, is you got to be alot older like above 50 as an example with at least 20 years of experince in the industry or more otherwise i feel like they are just going to give hurtfull opinions to the would be singers trying to make it in the career

young judges would just be trying to take out any future competition so they can still feel revelvent when they are older

i dont fully mean what i said but i bet some people in the world think like this to some extent