5 More Stars CinemaBlend Wants To See In The Expendables 3


Given the massive box office for The Expendables 2 this weekend, it's no surprise that rumors of a third installment are flying everyone, and even the film's cast and producers have been suggesting names right and left for who ought to join the action next time. But if the pattern from the first two films holds, we've got two years before The Expendables 3 comes to theaters, and almost as much time to speculate about who ought to appear, even if in a cameo role. While the second movie does boast an impressive lineup of once-and-future badasses, they're not even close to including every person to ever commandingly hold a gun on screen.

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aDDicteD3315d ago

some nice choice there but it's the first time that someone made a wish list with Liam Neeson. he'll be a nice addition to the team. I hope Wesley Snipes would be on the third one as well.

Soldierone3314d ago

I just think its funny that its literally a movie about who's in it and nothing else. No one cares about the story or what happens, its all "omg whats his name is in it! Gotta see it!"