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The Expendables 2 Review - Pixel Apocalypse

From Pixel Apocalypse...

"The Expendables 2 is a movie built upon the premise “If you build it, they will come.” If the studio can manage to assemble enough familiar names from 80’s and 90’s action flicks, the audience will come to see them all in one place."

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alycakes3078d ago

Yes, it was silly, yes...they had dumb one liners...but I have to say that they made me laugh and I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Sometimes you have to take a movie just for what it is...entertainment and they delivered. It was fun and it had all the action you could ever want in a movie with all the good old action heros giving it their best. You even had the good looking female that was a pretty good fighter too.....Wonder what they'll come up with next?

DarkBlood3078d ago

i certainly enjoyed the movie, might i say as much if not more then the first but thats dependant on seeing the first film before the second and im glad to see gunner have more screen time hes my most favourite out of the bunch

p.s do you happen to know what happen to yin yang his exit was fast?

alycakes3078d ago

I don't know for sure. I think he just had other commitments but he's suppose to be in the next one. He still had a pretty good part there at the beginning.

I thought it was better than the first one too. The story was much better.

DarkBlood3078d ago

yeah i also liked the chuck norris segments they really played him out to his many of jokes he's famous for etc etc

it also helps that the first one sort of gets the introduction out of the way to allow the film to get right into it while having little breaks here and there if you know what i mean

im already looking forward to the steelbook edition of this film and to see the next movie in theatres