Director Tony Scott Jumps To Death From Bridge

Tony Scott, director of blockbusters Top Gun and Days of Thunder, jumped to his death Sunday from the Vincent Thomas Bridge, authorities said.

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shodan743322d ago

RIP. For True Romance alone he deserved everybody's respect.

bigfish3322d ago

He deserves respect? I dont think so, anyone who takes their own life does not deserve any respect. No matter how bad life gets, their is a way out if you try hard enough. Its a real shame I agree and i feel sorry for him,but does he deserve respcet? - no he doesn't.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3322d ago

Maybe not for jumping off a bridge, but certainly for Unstoppable, Top Gun, Man on Fire, Spy Game, True Romance, Crimson Tide, Enemy of the State, the list goes on.

gaffyh3322d ago

As I've always said, what;s the point of money, fame, power if you want to kill yourself. How many celebs have seen commit suicide, or overdose? This is why these people should not be anyone's role models.

reznik_zerosum3322d ago

we have what we call consciousness for only one reason,to realize that life is no more than a joke and basically not worth living,just admit ur defeat and move on,if u do that u will have happy life (in some strange and absurd way)

gaffyh3322d ago

@reznik - There's more to life than that, if you look, you'll find it.

Ripco_Keller3322d ago

Among the most callous and callow comments I've ever had the displeasure of reading. I'm not saying suicide is praiseworthy or going on a diatribe here, but this man deserves no less respect from anyone simply because he committed suicide. He had his reasons, if you can't respect his accomplishments in the life he lived or the choices he made, respectfully keep silent at least.

Deputydon3322d ago

Normally I would agree with BigFish, but the man was battling Brain Cancer. He knew he was going to die, how he died was completely up to him at that point. I would rather just get it over with quickly than sit around knowing that one of these days I would be dead because I have inoperable brain cancer.

Besides, True Romance was written by Tarantino, and is an absolutely fantastic movie. I'm also going to say that Man on Fire and Domino of are decent mentions as well.

Kurylo3d3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

I think he wanted to go out on his own terms before he lost his mind. I mean damn... brain cancer. Can u imagine that?


What more to life is there when you cant remember anything... are senile, probably cant move, cant think,... and have no sense of self. Brain cancer dude.

SilentNegotiator3322d ago

I agree that killing yourself should never be considered as an option; it isn't worth it.

But I don't at all agree that he shouldn't be respected because he killed himself under the stress of having inoperable brain cancer. It's a shame and he took the easy (perhaps even cowardice) way out, but that doesn't mean he didn't do things worth respecting.

Sarcasm3322d ago

Easy for you to say since you aren't 68 years old with brain cancer and directed multi-million dollar movies your whole life. He will be remembered for what he did before and not how he died.

SephirothX213322d ago

Its his life to take. There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone committing suicide unless they do so to intentionally harm other people. Who are we to know what went on in his mind. He was diagnosed with brain cancer and had a short time to live. How would you feel if you were given that news? He clearly couldn't handle it. You would prefer him to continue suffering mentally? It is you who doesn't deserve respect.

PoSTedUP3322d ago

call me crazy but brain cancer or no brain cancer, one has every right to take their own life. you must not know what goes on in the real world in people heads. i been through a lot and life can get real bad, i thought about it but couldn't personally do it, it's not worth it, but i understand why someone can considering people go through much worse, i can only imagine. besides this there are a lot of factors, like the reason why a little kid would kill himself...? psychological disorders, really bad depression etc. it's a whole world of feelings and pain and they can become very intense. life is hell.

Trenta273322d ago Show
Qrphe3321d ago

It was his life, it's not like he took children and elderly people with him

He deserves respect for his contributions during his career.

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Crazay3322d ago

Hopefully the man finds the peace in death that he clearly couldn't find in life. What a shame.

alycakes3322d ago

This I can't believe. What could possibly be so bad? I feel so sad for his family.

coolbeans3322d ago

"What could possibly be so bad?"

Reports are mentioning he was possibly diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. I couldn't find anything concrete on this yet, though.

spunkee3113322d ago

That's very sad to hear. He has made some consistent great movies. I heard of a writer who also jumped off of a bridge as well. Sometimes when you are diagnosed with Depressions or have depression, its really hard to see the good things in life. Hopefully they have found their peace

Kurylo3d3322d ago

depression wasnt his problem. He had inoperable brain cancer. Sounds like he wanted to go out before he lost his mind. Who knows if he hadnt already started losing it.

r213322d ago

Damn thats sad. RIP Tony Scott :C

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