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Weekend Box Office: 'Expendables 2' Opens At #1, But Can't Match First Film's Numbers

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The release of "The Expendables 2" felt like a celebration. Not only were the trailers boasting the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis in legit action roles, but it was also promising the addition of Jean Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris to the franchise. Along with the release and buzz over two new trailers featuring Schwarzenegger ("The Last Stand") and Sylvester Stallone ("Bullet to the Head"), most saw this as a sign that b-movie action was back to the big time at the box office. Of course, the question as to whether this is star power or "star" power (with an ironic eyebrow raised) may have been answered, with the highly touted actioner finishing at $28.8 million, 17% below the first film's $35 million opening.

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