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The Amazing Spider-Man: New Still Reveals Another Scene Cut From The Movie?


The Amazing Spider-Man has now been out for well over a month, but a few new stills have found their way online via the official Facebook page of the reboot and one of them seemingly reveals yet ANOTHER scene from the movie which didn't make it into the final cut. Check it out.

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MinimeJer053325d ago

I bet we're never going to see this original UNTOLD version. Would love to see it down the road, but it looks like they're mixing it into the second one.

DarkBlood3325d ago

original untold version? are you talking about the origin of spiderman in this one?

MinimeJer053325d ago

Yeah,the scene in the sewers and dozen other scenes they reshot or edited around. The whole idea of him being engineered in his DNA. I don't recall the exact specifics, but it sounded like a great idea that was DIFFERENT than the previous.

Still really liked the final cut.

Soldierone3324d ago

Saw this too, and started asking around if I had missed it. I got up to go to the bathroom so who knows lol

I really hope this is in some collectors edition of the Blu-Ray, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. My favorite movie so far this year.

calis3324d ago

ASM would make a hell of a directors cut. lol.

crxss3324d ago

i really enjoyed the cut they ended up with. i remember hearing about the movie would portray spiderman in a way similar to the Hulk in which his specific DNA was the cause of him becoming spiderman which to that i said, and a lot of others said, EFF NO.

after how well the 1st one did, i wouldn't be surprised if they mentioned it in the sequel. though, i do hope they give it a good reason such as: his father worked at oscorp on the spiders using his own DNA which is why peter's spider bite reacted the way it did.