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Ten Things I Want To See In The Justice League Movie


With Warner Bros. finally moving ahead with a Justice League film (which may be released in 2015), comic book fans' expectations have been sky-high. Hit the jump to find out what I most want to see concerning DC Comics' answer to Marvel's The Avengers.

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ShinFuYux3323d ago

I just wish there was a more of a serious tone to it. But, knowing them, it'll be like spiderman and make it kid friendly.

black9113322d ago

I want a serious TOne. TO me the Avengers was cheesy and for Kids. I can name Tons of things about the movie I didnt like. For example Where was the Army at the End of the Movie during the alien invasion. Also How did hulk show up on his nike but the army didnt. How couldnt thor break through the glass but when it was fallin he did. THe movie was OVERRATED!!!!

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cyborg473322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

They probably will make it in a serious tone, I remember reading some article, WB saying that they want a different approach for the Justice League having a serious tone to it..and if Man of Steel is the first of JLA then it definitely will be serious. JLA needs to be mature and serious, that's what makes it different compared to avengers or marval characters.
And, there's also a rumor that Man of Steel will introduce Wonder Woman, or at least hint her existence at the end of the movie

SilentNegotiator3322d ago

That and I hope they don't keep it too grounded. I was disappointed that Superman Man of Steel was starting from the beginning AGAIN, and facing Superman against Kryptonians AGAIN. We don't need the biggest characters RE-explained from origin. And it would be nice if Superman fought something in-human for once. This is the CGI-age for film's sake - a break from the Kryptonians is more viable and would be nice to see here in the 21st century.

DarkBlood3322d ago


i wouldnt give up hope yet, if man of steel is anything to go by we'll see a serious tone in fact even the cartoon always seem like that to me

to not make it serious would to be changing batman and we all know thats not going to happen

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level 3603323d ago

2015 is going to be a very long speculative wait. I'm all for character development and a very good story.

So we got Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern ( agree for a re-boot ) and the Batman..

..either any or all of these would be the next movie pick - Aquaman, the Flash and Martian Manhunter.

or maybe even somebody else.

cyborg473322d ago

I don't really know Aquaman much, but is a better character than Martian Manhunter?

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

All these reasons seem pretty obvious. No Green Lantern reboot though. The GL movie wasn't exactly incredible but a reboot seems pointless, I'd rather a sequel with a better writer, we don't need another GL origin story. God knows the Spider-man reboot felt kinda early & that first Spider-man was 10 years ago. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the JL can make one hell of a movie, but in the end it's WB who are in charge. And i have absolutely no doubt in my mind that WB will run this movie to the ground. I hope i'm wrong. :/

cyborg473322d ago

A good script and a serious Hal Jordan, couldn't stand the douchebag hal from the first one.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Not too serious, a bit humorous here & there. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter will be serious enough to carry the (most likely dark & serious tone of) the film . I'd like a few (rare) humorous moments from Hal & Flash but nothing much. But yes definitely not anymore douchebag moments like in the GL. He wasn't even a likable douche, even with Reynolds playing him. Reminded me of Tony Stark. ugh...

DarkBlood3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

well in my opinion im not even sure we are going to get hal Jordon if its going to be like justice league unlimited * i think its called* with the black guy whos name i cant remeber

but then again i keep forgetting that this is off the new 52 comics for i dont know what direction that is going with the characters which i havent got a chance to read and im sure theres loads of comics from that series now for i would get lost trying to catch up in

Soldierone3322d ago

The black Green Lanter is Jon, and is probably one of the most boring Green Lanterns standing alone so I doubt they will use him. He is good for being in the Justice League, but how would they explain it? They'd need to work that into a Green Lantern movie, and to me that doesn't sound interesting.

Its based off the comics and Hal will be in the movie, it just makes more sense. Cartoons always kinda go in their own direction, and movies never follow them. (exception of latest Spider-Man)

Jockamo3322d ago

I don't see how you can make a team up movie serious. It's generally a silly plot device as it is...

krazykombatant3322d ago

I don't know about you guys but I want to see dislike between green lantern and superman. Not out of random but both never seem to get along.

silvacrest3322d ago

in the JL cartoon it was always batman and superman, i didn't notice anything from the two you mentioned

krazykombatant3322d ago

that was black GL, john was his name, if I recall from way way back they just didn't use to get along but I might be wrong.

Soldierone3322d ago

Superman kinda clashed with everyone at one point or another. Batman really got angry at him a lot, but yeah Green Lantern also was annoyed by him as well. Superman kinda always blew him off, so they ended up getting mad at each other.

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