What Would Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson Look Like As 'The Vision'? Find Out Here


A user named bhsfx on the Sculpture and Makeup Effects Forum has created this incredible sculpt of Clark Gregg as The Vision. It's not quote completed (they have yet to paint it) but could this be similar to what we MIGHT see in the planned sequel to Marvel's The Avengers?

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Crazay3319d ago

That guy is seriously talented and that looks awesome.

OneAboveAll3318d ago

It's a nice sculpt but Coulsen isn't VISION! Vision was created by Ultron! Why do people keep thinking Coulson is Vision? HE DIED! Dead, done for, kaput!

DarkBlood3318d ago

we dont know that sir, this is after all a marvel universe not reality as we know it :P

OneAboveAll3318d ago

It would be dumb. "As much as I liked him, Coulson should stay dead, otherwise the assembly of the Avengers would be based on a lie."

Deadpool6163317d ago

You never know. It could've been Coulsen's Life Model Decoy. ;)

Shadonic3317d ago

maybe thell do something like hes created in the image of coulson for some reason or something Idk :(