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Is Paramount Animation Developing a Legend of Korra Movie

The newly created Paramount Animation may be looking at The Legend of Korra for a feature film adaptation.

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TheCritic283320d ago

Shut up and take my money, Paramount.

Reibooi3319d ago

To be honest I always thought the last 4 episodes of the original Avatar should have been a movie. They have the feel of one and they were shown as one as if they were and lets face it people probably would have gone to see it en masse and it would have been a MUCH better idea than that horrible live action garbage we got.

DivineHand1253319d ago

I hope in the movie korra will be facing new enemies and not just a recap of season 1.

kevinsheeks3319d ago

Hollywood doesn't listen to us we tell them outright what we want they just don't care

then when it hits the big screen and fails they blame us -_-