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Kick-Ass 2 Unleashes Insect Man

Robert Emms is playing the role of Insect Man in the Jeff Wadlow-directed Kick-Ass 2. The British actor most recently starred opposite Tim Roth and Cillian Murphy in the indie film Broken, which premiered at Cannes. Kick-Ass 2 marks his fourth Hollywood film, following the Tarsem Singh-directed Mirror, Mirror, Steven Spielberg’s Warhorse and the Roland Emmerich-directed Anonymous. He is repped by ICM Partners, Curtis Brown, and Wishlab.

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StarWarsFan3320d ago

I hope this movie doesn't disappoint. I was so surprised by how good the first one turned out, so I'll be pissed if this drops the ball.

miamicanesruleall3319d ago

Hit girl made that movie great. I want a movie with more hit girl please. Chloe grace moretz is awesome.

kingPoS3316d ago

I thought I was watching anime or manga or adaption when I saw hit girl in action. lol