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Collider Review: ParaNorman


I’ve always been slightly bewildered by the zombie genre. Occasionally, it will be a social satire (the original Dawn of the Dead) or a spoof/homage (Shaun of the Dead), but I’m not sure what to do with games like Left 4 Dead or Zombieland. They’re certainly entertaining, but they seem based on the desire to kill humans without having to deal with the nasty morality of that decision. Zombies aren’t people too, but they were humans once, and it’s odd to take such glee in destroying them. It’s a license to kill with the knowledge that zombies are out to hurt you first. But what if the zombies weren’t malevolent? What happens when we shoot first, and don’t bother asking questions later? ParaNorman is a sharp, witty comedy with a ton of heart that puts a thoughtful twist on the zombie genre, and how a righteous cause can be anything but right.

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