Marc Forster’s ‘World War Z’ Cut Only 52-Minutes Long?

Bloody Disgusting

The trouble behind Paramount Pictures’ Marc Forster-directed World War Z is no secret. The stories ranged from onset issues forcing reshoots to a feud with star Brad Pitt. In fact, it was reportedly so bad that “Lost” and Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof was brought in to do a third act, but after figuring out how much additional work was needed, he handed the project off to collaborator Drew Goddard.

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Crazay3320d ago

I fear for this movie. It all seemed so mucked up from the beginning. I'm of the opinion that someone like HBO or Showtime needs to take the series and make their own Zombie series based on this book. Especially since each chapter int he book was the recounting of one individuals experience at various moments in the WWZ.

Sadly no network will want to try this for fear of being branded as a copy cat of AMCs the Walking Dead. A friend of mine who is a famous writer has actually told me his series for Joe Leger is looking to get off the ground but the network opted to launch the first season with his 3rd(?) book as opposed to his first because the first one involves zombies and they don't want to be "Copy Cats".

vitorizzo3318d ago

wow i didnt even know they were still making it after they said that it would be totally different from the book...

adorie3318d ago

They shouldn't even try if it's going to be too different from the book.

-MD-3318d ago

You're right, I want to know every single little detail about the movie I'm seeing before I see it.

I'm using heavy sarcasm if it wasn't clear.

adorie3318d ago

Something tells me you don't like to read books.

pandehz3318d ago

Aww hell noez

First video game campaigns shrink to 4hrs and now movies less than an hour?