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Is Jurassic Park 4 to Set the Dinosaurs in Space

Skewed and Reviewed have posted that the next Jurassic Park movie may be set in space. Rumors have InGen breeding the dinos on a planet, where all hell breaks loose yet again.

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darklordzor3321d ago

Sure would be nice to have some sources on this one, or some idea of where this idea generated.

aDDicteD3321d ago

looks like the concept of doesnt matter if the story is like that as long as it has a backbone...they could make it as science fictional but make the story run more on tension and interesting characters and dont make the dinosaurs inaccurate because that will be the downfall. vast majority of audiences who anticipates jurassic park are dino geeks as a child.

vitorizzo3321d ago

anyone remember the turok game that came out on 360 and ps3?

BlackPrince 423321d ago

Jason X
Dracula 3000

and now Jurassic Park 4

Space: The Final Cashgrab

Garethvk3321d ago

The rumor came from a Universal insider who said that this was the direction of the last script they saw.

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The story is too old to be commented.