Tom Hardy & Michael Shannon Will Go Down 'The Long Red Road'

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Tom Hardy and Michael Shannon in the same movie? Yep, cool. Just tell us when it's done and we're there....but in case you want to know more, read on.

Two of our favorite actors will star together in "The Long Red Road," the big-screen adaptation of the play by Brett C. Leonard. Hardy, who appeared in the stage version, will reprise his role as Sam, a man chasing his demons with the bottle who has take a hard look himself and his past, when a visitor rolls into the Indian reservation on which he lives. As for Shannon, he'll play Sam's older brother. Yep, Hardy and Shannon are siblings. We're in. Leonard will adapt his own play, as all the pieces of the indie production come together -- it's not yet clear if he'll also direct or pass those responsibilities on to someone else.

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StarWarsFan3324d ago

I like Michael Shannon more than Tom Hardy in general.