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Expendables 3 Casting Wish List

STFUandPlay writes, "So most of you are probably thinking…. Expendables 3?!?!?! “How the hell can you be thinking of part 3 when Expendables 2 didn’t even release yet?”. At first I thought the same thing but, then I started to think about all of the great action movies and stars I have seen over the years. I have grown up watching lots of movies but action movies are just awesome and I couldn’t help but start coming up with people that could be used in future movies, as both heroes and villains."

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OneAboveAll3325d ago

Dwayne The Rock Johnson should be on that list. His action movies have been very good. Especially his roll in Fast Five.

StarWarsFan3325d ago

I don't think Mel Gibson necessarily fits in this genre as well as the names already in this franchise.

aDDicteD3324d ago

solid list ..i agree with each and everone of them, i saw some articles including the names of clint eastwood and harrison ford..but i think they arent for this film. mel gibson were in movies like lethal weapon so i think he could blend well with those other action stars.