5 Movies We’re Sure Will Rule, and 21 That Could Surprise Us

io9: This might be the strongest fall movie season we've ever seen. Almost every week has a movie coming out that we're either excited about or curious about. After a pretty entertaining summer, the movies are giving us a mix of crazy action movies and thought-provoking weirdness for the fall.

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PaPa-Slam3320d ago

Almost all the movies are on my watch list, but Hobbit is right at the top.

alycakes3320d ago

There's about 12 that I want to see...don't know that I'll get to all of them but I will get to the main ones...

Lord_Sloth3319d ago

"Resident Evil: Retribution"

Aaaaand that's where I stopped.

barb_wire3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Not a bad list I guess..

I've already seen [REC] 3 - which to be honest takes the series in a completely different direction, while on the one hand you still have the 'virus' turning people into rage filled homicidal maniacs but this one went for some broad comedy in some scenes.. didn't always work and looked out of place given the 2 previous movies.. still, i'd recommend it.

I've also seen V/H/S - which is quite good actually - not as gory as I was led to believe and not super scary either but it does have some good jump moments and while the stories are good the execution of the stories is varied.. I will say this, the first story is great.. it's short but to the point and the makeup is good too.. the movie plods a bit with the 2 and 3 stories, like I said the execution could've been better.. but some decent jump moments.. the final story (the 5th) is actually quite good it's just bought down by some shockingly bad "acting" if you can call it that.. Still, if your local art house cinema is going to show it, I'd recommend it.

*Quick Edit*

I should add that if you're not a fan of super shaky cam movies - to avoid this one, because at times the camera in the stories is all over the place, fast movements and you can hardly make out what you're supposed to be seeing.

*End Edit*