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‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ IMAX Trailer & Indiana Jones Quadrilogy Marathon Details


If 2012 has demonstrated anything so far it’s (arguably) that IMAX trumps 3D. IMAX 3D versions of such summer blockbusters as The Avengers and Men in Black III generated more goodwill than regular 3D versions, while Amazing Spider-Man (native 3D) and Dark Knight Rises (native IMAX) likewise earned kudos for their IMAX presentations. By comparison, post-conversion 3D jobs on old(er) effects extravaganzas like The Phantom Menace and Titanic yielded mixed responses.

That’s all to say: cinephiles should be mostly upbeat about the announcement that Raiders of the Lost Ark is getting a one-week exclusive IMAX run beginning September 7th, as buildup to the unveiling of the Indiana Jones Blu-ray Collection on September 18th. Moreover, AMC theaters is capping off that week by holding a marathon screening of all four Indy films (yes, even Kingdom of the Crystal Skull).

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