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Is Daredevil Too Mature For Disney The hottest news in the comic book movie world is how 20th Century Fox is in a time crunch with their Daredevil license and it looks like The Man Without Fear will be coming back home to Marvel and Disney.

The question is, is this a good thing or a bad thing for the property?

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DarkBlood3322d ago

well to give an opinion anything thats in the grasp of disney isnt a good thing at all for propertys that were dark to begin with or decided to be in comics if they ever did since before disney bought marvel

i guess i see now that its a good thing its spread out to many companies that can make it the way it should or would be if they so desire instead of toning it down for the sake of the kiddies so to speak

only real issue that arises from this on my point of view is grouping them together for a adventure film

JL3321d ago

I dont find this to be good news at all like some people. I'm with you. Dark just isnt in good hands with Disney.

The only possible saving grace i see for Daredevil is that Disney and Marvel are busy with Avengers universe. I dont see DD becoming a part of that. So, hopefully, they'll decide to kick the property down to Marvel Knights since Disney/Marvel have their hands full. Marvel Knights isnt into high profile movies necessarily, so it would be "small" but they at least do dark and could handle it properly.