Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks About a “The Dark Knight Rises” Sequel

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Last night on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Joseph Gordon-Levitt talked about being Robin in “The Dark Knight Rises.” Watch as Kimmel asked him about a possible sequel. Can it happen?

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Crazay3327d ago

That last scene with him in the movie felt a little forced and predictable. Personally i think his name being "Robin" was a reach and would have much preferred he say that his name was "Richard". As for having him possibly continue on the story, I think I'm on the fence. On one hand i think he has the stature to make for a good Robin, but on the other - maybe we really just need to let it go.

TheDailySuperHero3327d ago

Agreed and there will be no continuation to Nolan's Batman universe. It'll get a reboot in order to fit into Warner and DC's proposed new cinematic universe leading up to a Justice League flick.

Well....that is is they can actually pull that off. ;)

Crazay3327d ago

Ya I think that they can make it happen. I'm anxious to see how they do it though. It's a pretty tall freakin order.

Ben_Grimm3326d ago

I agree, I thought the name Robin was reaching also. Did Nolan think that by saying Dick Grayson fans wouldn't pick up on it?

I think Nolan underestimates the fans who follow Batman. He probably changed his name to appeal to the non-Batman fans who wouldn't get the comic reference.

KwietStorm_BLM3326d ago

No, but not every person who goes to see these movies is a "fan." Verbally saying Robin would strike every type of viewer at once, and it sounds better than the woman saying, "You should go by your real name, Dick."

Ben_Grimm3326d ago


But this doesn't stop the Marvel movies from dropping hidden gems and easter eggs. I think Nolan should have gone with not underestimating the viewer.

Besides it could have easily went like this:
"You should go by your real name, Dick Grayson."

koehler833325d ago

If his last name is Drake, his first name should have been Tim.

crxss3326d ago

i thought the trilogy ended splendidly. don't think the name "robin" is that much of a reach, we've all heard of a dude named robin williams. i know if i was a dude with the name robin i'd probably use my middle name as my first name, maybe.

Crazay3326d ago

By reach I just felt that they were trying too hard to be cheeky to give the audience that "Aha!" moment.

frelyler3326d ago

It was pure fan service and it gives fans of the comics a lot to discuss after the movie. I don't think it was predictable at all and it fit in with all the other movies in the trilogy. Batman was never a man but a symbol. Symbols are immortal. Also Wayne manor now serves as a grooming ground for future batmans. Why is it that you feel it was predictable, please elaborate.

Crazay3326d ago


Ya the movie was great. the series was fantastic and it's sure to be the fodder of much fan fiction going forward. hell I wouldn't mind seeing how they could continue this arc in comic book form. Maybe that's the way they should go? It could be fun.

sikbeta3326d ago

I thought it was going to end with him being the replace character, the new batman or something, so Robin went like WTF in my head, honestly I don't know crap about the comic, but I thought that kind of ending would have been awesome

Also I don't give a s#*t about what Warner wants to do, Nolan's version of Batman will live long for quite some years and it'll totally clash with whatever Warner want to do as a reboot...

Crazay3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )


When everything was coming to a head with the bomb and he jumped into The Bat, I knew we was just going to fly it out toward the Ocean, I remembered the talk about the Autopilot when he was first shown the vehicle, I knew we wouldn't see him jump out and that the impression to the people would be that he died saving them but he had survived somewhere.

Then fairly early on in the movie, I had the impression that somehow somewhere JGL was going to don the cowl or become the next hero to the city at some point.

Don't mistake my comments as dissing the movie or disliking how it all went down. I liked the movie. I just felt that if they wanted to use Robin in the movie in any way shape or form, it should have been done differently.

frelyler3326d ago

Thank you, good answer. I always thought bruce Wayne was going to die and I picked up the autopilot reference as well. I guess I was expecting Wayne to be killed and that would be it. His sacrifice would be the new symbol of hope and allow Gotham to prosper and move towards being a good city that no longer allows evil to exist. The extra stuff with Robin was icing on the cake for me. I feel that the ending serves as a great cap to the movie universe Nolan created. Comic book wise I don't think this story would fly and I think that is something people have trouble realizing, but there are valid points to be made on either side or the argument. What do you think?

aDDicteD3326d ago

i read an article that the character john blake was a mixture of the 3 robins they had in the comics..the hot head reference to him was a personality of jason todd, his detective skills and that he knew batmans identity immediately was a trademark of tim drake and lastly his job as a cop was attributed to dick grayson..but im not really sure if dick became a cop after his nightwing days so im not sure of that i just read it. i liked the movie the way it is.. i had only minor problems for dark knight rises and its not about robin. i hoped JGL's john blake had more fighting scenes maybe against jonathan crane.

IWentBrokeForGaming3326d ago

I really loved Bane as the nemesis... he truely felt like the end all of enemies!

vitorizzo3326d ago

its too bad he died like a bitch after you found out he was the bitch the whole time

wishingW3L3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

that's true man. He was a bitch and died like one too. ;_;

DarkBlood3326d ago


nothing like getting blasted off by the rocket FATALITY lol

BelieveinGhosts3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

Yeah it pissed me off when i found out he was nothing but a puppet. Why did they have to derail bane's Swagger in such a pathetic way

chrisarsenalsavart3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

i just couldn,t stand Banes freaking british accent.
it was like a crossover between sean connery and darth vader .

Hellsvacancy3326d ago

And whats wrong with that? Sean Connery and Darth Vadar had badass voices

Did you expect Bane to sound like a stereotypical villain with a deep voice? like Bale when hes wearing the Batman suit?

I liked it "Why the hell would you shoot a man, before throwing him out a plane?"

lashes2ashes3326d ago

It was not British it was Irish.

starcb263325d ago

Bane was born in the Caribbeans, so idk why they went with that voice.

3325d ago
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