'Scooby-Doo' Animated Movie In The Works That Will Feature A Mystery At WrestleMania For Some Reason

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It has been a decade since the live-action "Scooby-Doo" in 2002 that brought together the talents of Freddie Prinze Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, Matthew Lillard, Linda Cardellini, Rowan Atkinson and Isla Fisher, and in Hollywood years, that's basically olden times. So an animated feature is in the works, which makes sense. However, the involvement of WWE Entertainment is totally baffling.

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aDDicteD3316d ago

i dont think that will work. bringing back scooby and the gang even on direct dvd with this kind of plot is unecessary. yes kids would still watch it anyway but the franchise itself will deteriorate due to the mindless plots. the thing is the live action movie could have been good or mediocre if not for scrappy doo being the last villain, matthew lillard owns the role of shaggy and the others are passably good as well. i wished hollywood would remake this version since nowadays are the golden age of reboots. scooby doo franchise is known for its detective approach..i mean, why even connect it with wrestling and even if there would be a crime at wrestlemania isnt that shallow enough.