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Tobey Maguire To Star In Post-Apocalyptic 'Z For Zachariah' From 'Compliance' Director Craig Zobel

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Well, here's a nice little reward for the rising director Craig Zobel. After coming to attention with his 2007 comedy "Great World Of Sound," the helmer made big waves this year with the unsettling thriller "Compliance." The film, essentially about a prank that goes to some very dark and twisted places, inspired impassioned responses from those who both loved and hated the film, and it seems that buzz has reached the ears of some pretty important folks. And as Zobel gears up a new film, he's got a pretty big name to help him make it happen.

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alycakes3329d ago

You can watch some of the old version on this webpage. It's about a 45 minute watch from start to finish if you want to know a little of what it's going to be about. Of course these days it's much bigger and better than before.