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The Deleted Scenes From Prometheus Have Interesting Names

Bleeding Cool

There’s still a hope that some of the deleted scenes from Ridley Scott’s Prometheus will tidy up loose ends and make sense of some thematic, plot and character confusion. Of course, these scenes are not being reinstated into the film, at least not just yet, so it’s probably more or less irrelevant.

Though this hasn’t quelled my curiosity.

Here’s the BBFC’s listing of the deleted scenes included on the upcoming home entertainment release, complete with runtimes.

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darklordzor3322d ago

I'm willing to give this film another shot, even without the added scenes (though I hope those help). It's a very idea heavy film and bears more than a single go around. Honestly, the visuals alone are enough for me to warrant a blu-ray purchase.

Crazay3322d ago

I still haven't had the opportunity to watch Prometheus. It's been hard to avoid spoilers but so far I think I've done pretty good.

KingPin3321d ago

this entire movie should be one deleted scene.

after all the hype, it was junk. total let down.
visuals alone could not save this piece of sh......trash.