Focus Features Pull The Plug On David Cronenberg's 'Eastern Promises 2'

The Playlist: For a director as fearsomely original as David Cronenberg, he's hasn't necessarily shied away from sequels, they just haven't come to fruition. He penned a remake/reboot of "The Fly" for 20th Century Fox, although the studio scrapped it, and more recently, it looked like he was actually going to make the long-talked about "Eastern Promises 2," a sequel to his 2006 gangster picture, with original writer Steven Knight again penning a script, and Viggo Mortensen and Vincent Cassel both set to return. But the emphasis should be put on the past tense here, because we just spoke to Cronenberg (and his star Robert Pattinson) in New York as they did the press rounds for "Cosmopolis," and despite news of the follow-up looking promising, it seems that the sequel is no longer going to happen.

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JL3328d ago

That really sucks. I was so looking forward to this sequel. I love Cronenberg's work with Viggo. Eastern Promises and A History of Violence were both great. I was really hoping to see the 2 team up again for another crime thriller like the aforementioned movies. Sequel would've been just as good.

TheCritic283328d ago

Love A History of Violence. One of the most under appreciated comic book adaptations.

alycakes3327d ago

I'm very disappointed on this one too. I loved the first one and was glad that they finally said they were going to do a sequel...this is not a good decision.

reznik_zerosum3326d ago

Cronenberg went to shit long ago,idc really.