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'Raiders of the Lost Ark' to Get Imax Rerelease


Paramount is re-releasing the classic 1981 adventure movie, directed Steven Spielberg, executive produced by George Lucas and starring Harrison Ford, in Imax theaters next month, ahead of a splashy debut on Blu-ray.

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Crazay3324d ago

I would totally see that in luck it won't play here. =(

JL3323d ago

Sounds like awesome news. Might definitely have to go check that out. This is definitely one of my all-time favorites. Let's hope they open it here. Of course, it would be even more awesome if they showed it on the Real IMAX we have around here (one of the few REAL ones left in the country anymore). Of course, they won't do that. That place only shows crappy little 3D IMAX docs.

Crazay3323d ago

The only true IMax theater we have here is at the Science and Tech museum so it's not going to play there that's for sure. I'd also really like to see The Last Crusade on the big screen. that movie was easily the best of the series.

Kran3323d ago

And it begins...

IMAX release
3D release
Blu-Ray 3D
4D Release ¬¬

On all 4 Indiana Jones films!

aDDicteD3322d ago

wow this is great...imax is far better for this.