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Joss Whedon Asks People to Boycott Mike Birbiglia’s Excellent Film Sleep Walk With Me

Mike Birbiglia‘s superb film Sleepwalk with Me is due to hit theaters on August 24th, and I highly encourage you to check it out. It was one of the best flicks I saw at the SXSW Film Festival, and the movie does a wonderful job of giving you a glimpse into the world of stand-up comedy, but also explores the larger picture of what we have to sacrifice in the pursuit of perfecting our art. It’s also quite moving and painfully funny, and I can’t wait to see it again. But Joss Whedon doesn’t want anyone to see it at all. The Avengers is only on 500 screens, and Sleepwalk with Me is poised to take 80 of them. This will not stand, and Whedon has provided a humorous video about why you should avoid Birbiglia’s movie.

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alycakes3327d ago

And this is why I love Joss Whedon. You have to listen to him in the video to understand the man's dry sense of humor. He is really the best and is just being 80 theaters are really going to hurt his bottom line now....

He's really friends with the director and says the movie is great but I'm sure some people will take offense to this.

OneAboveAll3327d ago

People who take offense in this are what sane people call "morons".

DarkBlood3327d ago

since this isnt closed caption i wont get everything hes saying, so im just going to ask you this, is the movie bad by any means is what he is implying in the video?

alycakes3326d ago

No..he's talking about how this wonderful, great little film is taking some of his screens because fans have demanded it. So he's suggested that his fans do the same and boycott the film because because they have taken away from his 80 screen from his little film..The Avengers'...he's being sarcastic but in a humorous way...just playing around.

grahf3325d ago

He also suggests at the end to call your local art theater to get the movie there so you can then boycott it!


DarkBlood3325d ago

lol thats good, thanks for the info guys

darklordzor3326d ago

This is fucking hilarious. The man is genius, and with the clout he's got now, any film he supports is going to get a huge boon.

alycakes3326d ago

And that's exactly what he's doing here...he's actually telling people what a good movie this is...he's so funny.

Soldierone3326d ago

He says no, then i won't go. ;) haha

hazelamy3326d ago

get your local theatre to show the film so you can boycott it too, genius. ^_^

T3MPL3TON 3326d ago

Whedon, is awesome. This will be a big boost for the film.

Or maybe not seeing as some people think this was serious and not him just being funny.