Playlist Review: Expendables 2

The Playlist:
The Expendables 2” is one of the very few films that gets better as it gets dumber. Serviceably directed, horribly written and barely acted at all except for a standout performance by (of all people) Jean-Claude Van Damme, it mostly delivers in the way that the original failed to, which is by enabling action stars to charm their way through an incredibly hackneyed and conventional storyline. Nevertheless an irresistibly fun alternative to the so-called grown-up fare that has attempted to replace the escapism of '80s and ‘90s blockbusters, “The Expendables 2” offers a welcome roundup of action stars who simultaneously – and satisfyingly – celebrate and send up their former glories.

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alycakes3081d ago

Well..I don't know about shines but the bad guy is always interesting and we all know he's the bad guy in this. Can't wait to see it.

aDDicteD3076d ago

this movie was great. this is the the year where there are dozens of hotly anticipated movies, of which ..most were overhyped and some were predictable but i was surprised this movie surpassed the first one in such a big way. the ending was good, the casting this time around was more complete with the addition of norris and van damme. everything i wanted too see in expendables 1 ..i saw it here. the dialogue is not that good but its suppose to be that way, the movie knows what it is and its not trying hard to be something it wont be. i give extra points on that. if they even made cameos like segal for example this film even be impressive. more screentime for willis and arnold was great and van damme is like an evil incarnation of johnny cage.