Will AMC Attempt A “The Walking Dead” Feature Film?

Bloody Disgusting

While “Sex and the City” and “X-Files” found a way to make the leap from the small to big screen, “24,” “Lost” and “The Sopranos” failed to make the transition. The odds are always against a feature version of a television series, although many older programs have found a way (Yogi Bear, Smurfs, The Jetsons and most recently ALF).

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Crazay3328d ago

Personally I wouldn't be opposed to a feature film in the Walking Dead universe but it has to feature different people. Maybe even the guy from the game that Telltale Games released. That might be a fun story to tell in a larger format.

darklordzor3328d ago

I think a feature film would be hard to pull off. Don't get me wrong, it's possible, but there's no way to keep it in line with the comics or be able to please the fans. The fun of Walking Dead is in how long it is and the idea that it truly is 'never-ending'. This is why I think a TV show is working so well, but a feature film has to end.

Crazay3328d ago

unless its a bridge between seasons to introduce new characters.

JL3328d ago

I understand what you're getting at and it would definitely be possible. However, just not sure it would be something that would be wise. A "bridge" movie like that would need to be real "B-side" in order to play its role properly. You want to keep the series as the main focus. Any film should be treated as just a "B-side" type supplemental thing. As such, it shouldn't be a big box office affair. Something like direct-to-dvd or made-for-tv would be best suited in keeping it as just a supplemental piece.

That being said, something like that would seem too weak for the franchise. So, just leave well enough alone. The Walking Dead is just so much better as a TV series. Let it have its run and keep the show as the main focus. Don't try to turn it into something that it's less suited for.

If they do want to do something that takes a look at different parts of the universe outside of the main group/storyline, then that's best done via a web series or little shorts. Kinda the way that Marvel has done the Avengers shorts or the way The Office used to do the lil supplemental web series.

Ares84HU3328d ago

Well, I think they could show what happened in Atlanta before Rick got there.

I think that would be pretty cool.

TheDailySuperHero3328d ago

The charm of The Walking Dead is the fact it is on TV and TV shows have a different "feel" to them compared to movies. Stick to TV and don't change a thing.

Crazay3328d ago

Ya I agree that cutting the show down to a series of 2hr long movies would be balls but they could delve into another aspect of the series using film as a way to bridge the seasons even.

Soldierone3328d ago

Dont do it. Unless a die hard TWD fan comes along and wants to direct it, then no. Otherwise its like giving the license to Activision, what did they do? Turn around and make an FPS out of it.

Same will happen with Hollywood, some big wig director will get it and make it into an action flick about killing zombies and then a ton of wannabe fans will be created that will never read the comics or watch the show.

alycakes3327d ago

Too many zombie movies already...The Walking Dead has made a name for itself by being the first zombie show that is a bit hit on TV...never before could anyone say that so many people would be watching a show like this. Leave it like it is. Zombie movies are everywhere for anyone to see anytime so don't fix what's not broken.