Warner Bros. Shuts Down Warner Premiere

The Wrap

Citing the downturn in the home entertainment industry, Warner Bros. shut down direct-to-video label Warner Premiere this summer, TheWrap has learned.

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Crazay3320d ago

This is some shit news. WP actually did a decent job on The Lost Boys 3 and left it wide open for a 4th movie which I had hoped would actually come to fruition. Not to mention some of their Animated movies which are second to none in my opinion. This is some pretty crappy news.

darklordzor3320d ago

All of the animated movies were really freaking good! Damn. Maybe this only means that that specific label is closing down, and the animated projects will be moved to other divisions. I mean they still have Warner Home Entertainment for blu-rays and DVDs, so maybe they'll shift over there.

All I know is I damn well better get The Dark Knight Returns Part 2.

JL3319d ago

I would say Dark Knight Returns Part 2 will still happen. After all, Premiere isn't the only one involved. Warner Bros Animation is the big one behind that.

The news also says that WB is in fact folding the Premiere division into other divisions, and shifting employees around. So, I don't really see this having much of an effect on things other than streamlining stuff. And especially the animation titles won't go away as WB Animation maintains that stuff.

darklordzor3319d ago

Yeah I saw that update not too long after I posted this! :)

Makes me a happy camper and I assumed that's what was going to happen. On the whole, I can't say I'm sad to see Warner Premiere go. Many of their films just weren't that great, and once I got that press release for A Christmas Story 2, I was done.

Crazay3318d ago

wait...what? A Christmas Story 2? WTF?!?

darklordzor3318d ago

Did you not hear about that? I thought it had been posted here on Filmwatch. Yeah, I got a press release from them last week that announced a direct to DVD sequel to A Christmas Story.

Soldierone3319d ago

Is WB having money issues or something? They also just cut the Rewards program entirely as well....

This sucks because I still like the smaller non-big budget movies.....

MinimeJer053319d ago

I was just going to say the same thing about the Rewards Program. What gives?!

Crazay3318d ago

Sometimes those movies have better stories for sure.

darklordzor3318d ago

Yeah I wasn't too happy about the rewards program either, but I think they're working that into their regular WB Shop. Instead of having it be a separate thing. I remember hearing about that.

Soldierone3318d ago

Thats what they hinted at, but I just went through it and they gave us a "reward" to finish it and then its just the WB shop. The points are gone and everything.