Looks Like ‘Daredevil’ Will Go Back To Marvel And Disney


Director Joe Carnahan seems to be ready to toss in the towel on the last ditch attempt to reboot the Marvel superhero Daredevil before Fox’s rights to the franchise expire this fall. Carnahan sent out a tweet today saying, “I think my idea for a certain retro, red-suited, Serpico-styled superhero went up in smoke today kids.”

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Crazay3328d ago

If you're a fan of the man with no fear, then this is NOT what you wanted to hear. I think Carnahan could have done some great things with that series.

calis3328d ago

Is there no chance Marvel could get him to direct it?

Crazay3328d ago

I think there may be a chance that they'll talk to him but I suspect they've been anticipating for this and may well have begun a scripting process and a shortlist of directors.

Spydiggity3327d ago

Considering they don't make good comic book movies, i can live with it.

OneAboveAll3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

How is this dismal news? This is great news! Finally, the character goes back to marvel where THEY can re-boot the movie and do it RIGHT.

FOX likes to make shitty hero movies. Just look at the Fantastic Four movies, Ghost Rider... i mean seriously?

Now all we need is Wolverine and Spidey for the Avengers 2.

Crazay3328d ago

I'll give you that. Marvel probably will make sure that the movie has nothing but the best everything but I still think Carnahan could have made a good movie.

DarkBlood3328d ago

well i certainly enjoyed the second ghost rider movie,

but yeah with some property being returned to marvel i sense some possible change in the force

alycakes3327d ago

Agree on that one...I loved the second GhostRider movie. I also think Marvel always takes more pride in making better movies.

Crazay3327d ago

I haven't yet seen all of the latest Ghost Rider but I liked what I saw.

cee7733328d ago

dream on

maybe spiderman will make a cameo

but xmen hell no theres hundreds of xmen alone fox have winner there they will never give up xmen or lend the characters they hate disney lol

im surprised fox did not shoot some crap and put it in the vault to keep daredevil they lose kinpin as well hopefully disney can lend him to sony for for future spiderman movies in exchange spidey show up in advengers

JL3327d ago

Sorry, Columbia/Sony did Ghost, fail there.

On the other hand, Fox has done well by the X-Men franchise. And if First Class is any indication, Fox is looking to handle these things more seriously now. I think what they had in the works for Daredevil could have been good.

Now, toss it back over to Marvel and I have a feeling it's going to get lost in the shuffle and not tended to properly. They're too focused on the Avengers plan over there. I'm doubting we see Daredevil in The Avengers. Even if we did, it would be in Phase 3 at the earliest.

But think about it, clearly Marvel doesn't have much of a desire to work on the Daredevil property. Afterall, they were offering Fox the ability to keep the Daredevil property in exchange for Silver Surfer and whatnot. That indicates to me that they have no real desire to do anything with the property. So for all we know they're just gonna toss it in the pile and let it sit there for years before trying anything with it (like I said, they have their hands full with too much stuff anyways, ie Avengers).

Not to mention, I don't want Disney getting control of Daredevil anyways. They'll water him down. And if it happens like so many fans want it to (Daredevil get involved in the Avengers plan), then Disney does oversee that and they will tone down the character. Rather, Daredevil needs to take the type of turn that Nolan took with Batman. At this point, if the rights revert, the best bet is for Marvel to toss the character down to Marvel Knights and let them do something with it rather than trying to fit the character into their big Marvel Universe plan they have going on.

calis3327d ago

Wasn't SS for DD deal a fake?

JL3327d ago

Not that I know of it wasn't fake. The only "retraction" I know of was that it was kinda considered a done deal that Fox would give up Silver Surfer and Galactus to keep Daredevil. Sites were reporting it as if Fox was going to take the deal. However, it was later retracted that Fox wasn't biting and definitely had intentions to just let the Daredevil rights revert back and keep Silver Surfer and Galactus.

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