John Williams' Classic Superman Score Will Not Feature in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel

The Geek Files:

The classic Superman theme music by John Williams will not feature in the hero's new film Man of Steel, says director Zack Snyder.

You might well expect a reboot to go down a new path musically as well as in every other sense. But, nonetheless, there has been an expectation that Williams' iconic score would reappear in some form in the new film starring Henry Cavill.

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darklordzor3322d ago

I could have sworn they already announced this...several times. Do they just need to keep reminding people?

BelieveinGhosts3321d ago

WTF, This iconic tune has been in every super man film ever created. This is like removing the James Bond music from the new movies

aDDicteD3320d ago

i remember the first 2 batman movies by burton had a classic sound that even the cartoons adapted but nolans dark knight trilogy had a different tune so i dont think the iconic score would be a problem if they made another score more relatable to the tune of this movie especially if it has a darker tone. look at superman returns it almost copied everything from the classic superman and it cannot move on in another direction. i think snyders man of steel will be a remake that might surpass the classic