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TDKR Crosses $800 Million Worldwide; Well On Its Way To $1 Billion


It looks likely that Christopher Nolan's third and final Bat-flick will join the billion dollar club after all, unless there is a dramatic decline in earning as it moves into its fifth week of release.

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Crazay3325d ago

Obviously Christian Bale and Chris Nolan have all stated that they're finished with the series, but given that the end was left wide open, does anyone think that WB won't try and broker some sort of deal to get them on a new trilogy?

Capt-FuzzyPants3325d ago

No I think Christopher Nolan knows what he created. He made Batman into a realistic superhero, and these movies will be a legacy. I think he knows that what he made with Batman is special and he won't ruin it by making more. I thought the ending was perfect. I can see why you would think the ending was wide open, but I disagree. There is room to make another plot out of the ending, but based on *Spoilers* the look Bruce and Alfred shot eachother and what Alfred said earlier in the movie, Batman was gone for good and Bruce would not die sacrificing himself for Gotham. If they were to continue the series they could do it with Robin though.

DarkBlood3324d ago (Edited 3324d ago )

i do like the the bat costume though, hopfully some aspect of it is translated to the justice league related standalone batman film

i mean if you look at the injustice gods among us, you'll see some bale like features, just go on google and you will see what i mean

Crazay3324d ago

You're right - I guess he's just some different breed of human. For me if I had taken a superhero, and turned it into something as special as this franchise was, I'd want to continue with the story. Maybe with Robin but more likely with Nightwing.

calis3324d ago

I doubt it. It was rumoured that Nolan didn't want to do a third one after the death of Ledger.

I doubt he will want to continue.

firelogic3325d ago

TDK barely crossed the billion mark and TDKR is tracking well behind it. It's not going to hit a billion.

ElitaStorm3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

"The Dark Knight Rises has now taken in $835.4 million, and with China and Italy still on the horizon there's a very good chance it eventually passes $1 billion."


Lord_Sloth3324d ago

So is if declining or not? I'm hearing so many conflicting reports about it's sales and everything.

coolbeans3324d ago

I haven't seen it yet!



Can I get banned for that? :P